Competition for Grants by the Local Foundation LFP in Collaboration with CWP – Vetrozelena

The Local Foundation LFP, in partnership with CWP and its subsidiary Vetrozelena, announces a competition to financially support local initiatives that will create actions for positive change in the territories of Dolovo and Banatsko Novo Selo. The competition allocates 2,000,000 dinars for initiatives limited to seven thematic areas. The deadline for the competition is October 12, 2023.

The competition aims to support initiatives related to: empowering youth and their education, empowering women, supporting arts and culture, health and well-being, investing in community knowledge and skills, as well as initiatives related to infrastructure.

During the selection of initiatives, consideration will be given to proposals that introduce and implement new and innovative approaches to collective action. Interested individuals can find additional information at the provided LINK.