Re:connect festival – “Art and culture in the service of sustainability” 


On Saturday, September 24, the second part of the Re:connect festival in Pančevo was held, at Tamiški kej, near Svilara, with the theme “Art and culture in the service of sustainability”. The festival is divided into three parts, with the main goal of strengthening the connection between people and nature and supporting the green transition of the city of Pančevo.

The second part of the Re:connect festival, organized by CWP and with the support of the City of Pančevo, the Tourism Organization of Pančevo and Pan Energy, brought an exciting program of artistic projects and initiatives on the topic of sustainability and environmental protection.

The program was introduced by DJ Aleksandra Hrib, while a mini bazaar took place in front of Svilara, which presented local associations and their products and initiatives (Women’s associations “Dolovke” and “Novoseljanke” / “Boboacele”, citizens’ association “Panonka”, association “Halfway”, Association of patients with multiple sclerosis “Pančevo MS”, Association of women “Glogonjka”, Synchro Hub, MOSSS-Pančevo and Association “Skilled Hands”)

Many attendees were interested in the topics covered by the FFM platform, so the famous FFM podcast had a live broadcast for the first time, hosted by its founder, Dunja Jovanović. In the debate on sustainable fashion she was joined by guests – Nenad Radujević, director of the Click fashion studio from Belgrade and Nataša Gligorijević, director of the Center for Sustainable Development.

Great experience! I had the opportunity to record a live podcast in front of the audience, to discuss sustainability in the fashion industry, and environmental practices in general, outside of some established frameworks, like conferences and panels, but as part of a festival that combines pop culture and stories about eco-values. It primarily addresses a younger audience, and I think that’s really important. I hope that there will be a continuation of the Re:connect festival and similar initiatives, because they turn out to be an excellent way to promote local ecological brands, and bring sustainability closer to the masses in a fun and understandable way, said Dunja Jovanović.

The FFM podcast was the best introduction to the film “RiverBlue”, which brings awareness to the destruction of some of the world’s most vital rivers through the manufacturing of our clothing, but also inspires viewers and offers solutions towards a better and cleaner future in the fashion industry.

What most of the visitors were expecting was a concert by Butch Cassidy, which played in their hometown after a long time.

The second part of the Re:connect festival aimed to encourage us to observe our actions more deeply. To help us become aware of the impact of our lifestyle on the environment and to inspire us to create a healthier future, in harmony with nature. For this reason, we are especially glad that so many people attended the event, because it is an indication that they recognized the significance of the festival, said Tijana Gajić, ESG lead at CWP.

On October 22, the Re:connect festival will present its last, third part of the program – “Green Cities”, the basic idea of which is to connect different organizations aimed at sustainable development. The program of the third part of the festival will include an exhibition and lectures by world architects who will try to answer the question – how can we design a city to be more sustainable and in harmony with nature?