“Eco Academy” in Dolovo

CWP’s “Eco Academy” program held its first workshop on the topic of honey bees and honey plants in Dolovo, Serbia, at the Aksentije Maksimović Elementary School. 60 young eco-champions had the opportunity to learn about beekeeping and bees’ essential role in our ecosystems from the Belgrade Association of Beekeepers, and to plant 60 honey plants, including lemon balm, sage, mint, lavender and rosemary! All participants received gifts and their “Eco Academy” diplomas upon completing their first workshop, for their essential role as budding environmental stewards.

Environment, people and communities are key pillars of CWP’s activities and operations. This initiative, among others organized in the communities that host our renewable energy projects, is intended to empower youth, but also to help them connect with nature and learn to nurture the environment in which they are growing.